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Random test of a neat widget

Posted by Graham Douglas

Large Visitor Globe

And finally: Funky effects with multiple words and vowel placement!

Posted by Graham Douglas

(You'll need to download the PDF or zoom in with the Google PDF viewer). Just to complete the work: "funky effects" with multiple words and vowel positioning according to OpenType mark-to-base rules in the font.

Download PDF


Xpost: New open source PostScript interpreter being developed

Posted by Graham Douglas

Just a brief post to note that a new PostScript interpreter, called Xpost, is being developed. For details see announcement on Google Groups. Definitely one I shall be following.


Quick tip: Decompressing PDFs for Debugging

Posted by Graham Douglas

If you are creating special effects in PDFs (e.g., using pdfTeX's \pdfliteral{...} or via \special{...}) it can be extremely helpful to see the raw PDF code being output by your code/macros etc – especially when debugging! Often, by default, PDF content streams are compressed/encoded into binary data which makes it extremely difficult to access the raw PDF data/content. However, you can use the recently released free community version of Coherent's excellent command-line PDF manipulation software to decompress the binary data into plain text. It's as simple as:

cpdf -decompress compressedfile.pdf -o decompressedfile.pdf

cpdf has a wealth of other interesting command-line options too.


Unicode Version 6.3 is Published

Posted by Graham Douglas

Title of the post says it all really. Perhaps the most interesting change is the improved Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm together with a new reference implementation in C.


Commercial tools to manipulate PDF files now made “free”

Posted by Graham Douglas

Just read a newsgroup posting about a set of commercial PDF manipulation tools that have been made free-to-use for non-commercial activities. If you need to process PDFs, especially in a batch/scripted environment, then these could be well worth checking out.

Coherent PDF Command Line Tools Community Release