Site update

This site has been dormant since my last post back in December 2016 but, yesterday, I had to make some upgrades, including the PHP version used on this site. Unfortunately, those upgrades broke a few things—which I fixed just to get the site operational. However, for now, the site is running with a vanilla-style WordPress theme and, no doubt, some old posts need remedial work to fix them (I will get around to that…). However, upgrading/fixing the site re-kindled my interest in writing some new articles which I’ll try to do over the forthcoming weeks (time permitting!).

For several years I had not been checking the contact e-mail address I use for this site—due to the tsunami of junk e-mail, despite efforts to block spam. Now, I’ve simply removed the contact page which is not ideal but if you run a blog you will know the curse of spammers only too well. Sigh. However, I braved the task of checking that backlog list of e-mails (thousands!) and found a few legitimate e-mails that I never replied to, so my sincere apologies for that.

Since my last post I was fortunate to secure a new job with Overleaf where, among other things, I write articles about various TeX-related topics. Here, on this site, I will probably write posts which cover various eclectic topics which reflect whatever has caught my interest at the time.

Until the next post, stay safe and take all necessary precautions to protect yourself from the dreadful coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Cheers!