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About me

I am looking for a new job opportunity in publishing...

Written/posted: 18 December 2016.

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog—I hope you found something of interest. For several years I have been working freelance within the publishing industry but would now like to secure a full-time (employed) position—not necessarily in programming or any of the areas I write about on this blog. Ideally, I’d like to find a role within publishing/product management (or development) which requires extensive editorial experience and production/technical expertise.

I have worked in academic publishing for more than 20 years and offer solid editorial commissioning experience coupled with extensive production, technical and programming expertise. I have held positions which range from senior editorial—Consulting Acquisitions Editor (under contract) and Senior Publisher—through to roles in digital/print production, programming and software development. Specific areas of interest include commissioning, content creation/production, product/service and process development (or improvement). I would describe myself as an excellent all-rounder whose portfolio of skills and experience enable highly effective teamwork and collaboration across a wide range of publishing teams and business functions.

If you know of a suitable vacancy, or are a publisher looking to hire, then do please contact me using the options listed below. Thank you.

About this blog

I enjoy technical writing and, for me, this blog is a “creative outlet” where I can share/document some of my interests in low-level technical aspects of tools and technologies related to the authorship of technical content: graphics, PDF, typesetting, text processing, OpenType/fonts, Unicode and digital/electronic publishing. As you might infer from this blog I'm interested in Arabic text processing/typesetting, XeTeX and LuaTeX too! I can see so many applications of these incredible TeX engines, particularly LuaTeX through extensions via DLLs. XeTeX's built-in font handling and OpenType shaping engine(s) are also amazingly useful.

I've owned the domain for many years and purely on a whim, on 1 January 2011, I finally decided to make use of it. This site was launched, if you can call it that, on 1 January 2011, at around 3pm UK time. Stay tuned and, most definitely, don't drop out...


You can contact me through the form on this site, or check out my professional profile and connect with me on LinkedIn. I'm on Twitter as @publishergeek