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Three weeks later, who is reading my blog?

Well, I've been spending many hours of my evenings and weekends writing this blog. Ya know, like all blogs, this stuff doesn't just happen! I'm sitting here at my computer writing and editing for up to 6 hours a day (on weekends) in addition to a pretty full-on day job in STM publishing. So I took a look at the statistics of who is reading this stuff and where the visits are coming from. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! In the short time this blog has been active I've had nearly 1000 visits from more than 20 countries! Including the Seychelles and Mauritius! So, I'd like to say hello to all visitors, but especially to everyone from the top three non-UK (and non-Google, but bless you!) countries: Germany, India and France. One thing that all bloggers have to manage is SPAM, and I can tell you that I've already had a fair amount from those scumbags. That is why I have to moderate all comments, so that you, dear readers, do not see that garbage. Be assured I report all SPAM posts to relevant sites.

So, dear reader, if you have a few moments to say hello, do please write a comment to let me know if the content is useful, or not useful, or what should be covered here. After all, I work in publishing where peer review is critical to what we do.

Look forward to hearing from you!



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  1. Hello Graham, thank you for this great blog and the high frequency of new posts! I found it as it was mentioned in the german TeX and Friends blog, and now it’s in my feedreader :).

    I’m generally intereſted in Lua(La)TeX, and while your long posts about how to install a minimal LuaTeX version are great, i hope to see some stuff about the practical uſes and new poſſibilities of LuaTeX – since this engine seems to be the future of LaTeX.

  2. Hi Dennis

    Many thanks for your comment. For sure, over the coming weeks I will try to add some shorter entries demonstrating some of the possibilities of LuaTeX. I had been thinking about doing an article on using databases directly with LuaTeX: such as libmysqld. I’ll think of other topics as well, to keep them shorter and quicker to read. You may want to look at the page layout examples in this blog.

    Thanks again and I’ll do my best to add more interesting posts.



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