Video: Integrating LuaTeX and Microsoft Word (passing math formulae)


Just a short post, this time with my first venture into screencasts. No sound in this one, sorry, but there will be in any future videos.

From LuaTeX to Word

The following simple demo shows equation material in LuaTeX being passed to Microsoft Word. It does not use any plug-ins for Word and it is not using clipboard techniques: standard Windows automation technologies only. I’ll explain the details in a future post and provide code, but I’ve only just got it working so the code is very “alpha stage” and needs polishing. The techniques open the door to full data transfer between LuaTeX and Microsoft Word, including MathML, and may offer some very powerful document conversion opportunities.

The demo is a very simple one, just passing some basic formulae to Word from LuaTeX. At the top left of the screen is the LuaTeX PDF output displayed by Evince; at the bottom left is Microsoft Word receiving and displaying math formulae sent from LuaTeX.

The video resolution supports good full-screen display, just click the button provided by the video player. Stay tuned for future videos :-).

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