More progress with HarfBuzz/LuaTeX (update)

Just a short post to share another example from my on-going work on HarfBuzz/LuaTeX. A rather pointless example – without using any code to correctly place mark glyphs (e.g., vowels) – showing randomly coloured Arabic glyphs. Thanks to the power of HarfBuzz and the superb Lua C API (especially C closures and “for loop” iterators) the code to process the Arabic text is about 25 lines of Lua script.

Source of text for typesetting example: BBC Arabic. I don’t know what the text says but Google Translate indicated it was neither controversial or offensive – I hope that is the case!

Download PDF


Just to add an example with mark glyph positioning and random colours. Vowel positioning added about 10 lines of Lua script :-).

Download PDF